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Elegant and chic,high brightness but not dazzling,high-end modern office lighting preferred


Research and development according to "international standard" hole size,can replace the traditional lamps directly,Widely used in indoor based lighting


Adopts double loop structure,360°freedom adjustment,a variety of lens Angle and CCT selectable,can meet the needs of different customer groups in different environment


Luminous efficacy and color rendering comprehensive performance is superior to the traditional metal halide lamp,8-10 times lifespan promoted


Here are the products we choose to recommend to everyone, your satisfaction is our pursuit!

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Company strengthThe strength - 22 years focused on home lighting and engineering decorative lighting

Set R & D design, manufacturing, marketing in one of the home lighting and engineering decorative lighting manufacturers

Awarded by the national unit awarded the "Guangdong Shou contract re credit enterprise" , "quality mark quasi enterprise" , "Guangdong famous brand products" enterprise

Export qualityExport quality - high cost, greater profit margins

Patent products, export quality, the price of the industry over the same period 20% more than, the quality is more hard to protect

Dickpo lighting company technology and equipment industry leader, complete production process, from stamping to the finished product each link strictly control

Dickpo products have passed CCC, CE, TUV, GS, ROHS and other certification, but also through the ISO9001 quality management system certification , ISO14001 environmental management system certification

Supply guaranteeSupply security - an annual capacity of 400,000 thousand or more are not selling stock

Dickpo lighting has a variety of products 100 , fashion and design, the new model, the product is sought after

30000 more than square meters of modern plant, 4 production lines, the number of ten independent workshop, with an annual output of 40 million sets of lighting

Di Bao lighting sales department and < I > Debon, Shenghui, large logistics and express delivery company to < / I > to establish strategic cooperative relations, rapid response delivery, must be your favorite home lighting manufacturers

Gold serviceGold Service - pre, during and after full protection of worry

Pre sale: to provide one to one personalized custom services, product features, color, style, etc. can be customized as needed

Sale: Di Po lighting professional customer service team, full follow-up sales service for you to save a lot of time and cost

Customer service: the arrival of nondestructive protection, quality problems within 7 days unconditional return

National free consultation hotline:400-613-1382