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Joining analysis

in order to create a home atmosphere of high grade, many friends will choose distinctive lighting, which makes the lighting industry more entrepreneurial researchers of all ages, then open the lighting shop preparatory work for what? This is the problem that many novice entrepreneurs are very curious and follow Xiaobian together look at the related analysis!,

open lighting stores need to how much money: usually, two or three categories of urban estimates need 5-10 million or more of the opening of the fund, a large number of cities need more, small cities need a few. This is related to the rent, utilities, labor and the local price level, can not be generalized. However, the removal of rent, decoration and other expenses, cash on hand is usually not less than 50 thousand yuan. Open lighting shop how to location: unless you have a great deal of money and a lot of retail area. Otherwise, address should be elected in around the existing building materials market, or around have lamps retail locations.

if it is difficult to rent a good aspect of the case, the only way to buy building materials is also a good choice. No high middle and low position, or very vague, is bound to affect the future sales. Therefore, sales positioning must be realistic, to meet the local consumption. If the position is higher than the local average level, it may cause a highbrow, in front of the cold situation. Open lighting store pre brand: a good retail stores, we must have one or two brands to attract consumers. A good brand can not only drive the sales of other products, but also increase the popularity. If you want to worry you can also choose to do a factory store.

Open lighting store note: (1) the ceiling height of not less than 2.8 meters; (2) store decoration not too bright, do not have too much natural light; (3) of ceiling and wall lamp installation location should fully consider the size of the reserved area. Wide of the wall not less than 0.5 meters, the ceiling grid not less than 0.8 square meters, the conditions in a prominent position should be reserved piece of 4 to 6 1 square meters in size headlights bit; (4) the decoration color should be main color a, auxiliary color does not exceed 2 is appropriate. Color too much too complex, will play to dominate the negative effects; (5) store layout should be reasonable, should be to the headlight or sales is relatively large products, accounting for significant position, other products around them to do, the corner, cylinder placed several lights. Lighting source: Generally speaking, shop near the wholesale market to purchase is appropriate. Other products can to transfer cargo or distribution companies products, although profits thin a little, but not because of the vision and experience problems caused too much product backlog. Unless special circumstances, usually not to go to the town of purchase.

< p > style of lighting products, the number and variety: style not too much, each kind of product color does not exceed 3 kinds, each no more than 3-5 advisable, strict control of cash flow. The purchase to consider product and positioning, price and market, the relationship between the color and the style of the store, not caused by the backlog. Lighting store opened before the necessary things: 2 meters tall word ladder; impact drills a; size screwdriver for each one, pliers, smaller hammer, insulating tape, self tapping screws. In addition to engage in health, should also buy a few clean soft cloth to wipe the lamps; books and pens, for customers to the rest of the tables and chairs and so on.

lighting store staff equipped with: prior to the proposal to hire 1-2 industry experience of the clerk, 1 electrician, part-time or full-time. Employed persons do not just look at the appearance and stature, should pay attention to eloquence and personality. The lighting shop opened in front of the preparatory work: (1) to do more publicity, as far as possible to expand its influence; (2) to consider the special price of several products, allowing more profits to the consumers; (3) for the local procedures, such as industrial and commercial, tax license, to avoid unnecessary trouble; (4) store decoration, maintain tidiness, sanitation; (5) to the after-sales service plan well ahead and and strictly enforced. Want to open a business, good lighting shop, in the shop before, entrepreneurs must do all the preparatory work, there is a good starting point, you can develop more quickly, above is specific to the shop for a project, a sense of interest to further know about it!,