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Joining condition

Existing lighting dealer is preferred.

requirements for operators
The applicant shall have the qualification of a legal representative of the company or individual operating under the regulations.
Applicants should recognize the "Di Bao" corporate cultural philosophy, follow the "Di Bao" of the management and supervision
Applicants should have a certain understanding of lighting or building decoration industry, interest.
Applicants should have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and long-term investment vision.
Applicants should be careful, honest and reliable, and be able to participate in the operation and management of chain stores.
Applicants should have a good sense of customer awareness and a wealth of experience in retail stores.
Applicants should have more than 200 thousand of the investment funds.

Requirements for business premises
In specially designated cities, or not officially joined the "Di Bao" of the city or district
In the local lighting city or building materials decoration materials City
In other related feasible regions
According to Di Bao VI requirements of the renovation

requirements for operating equipment
Should the fax machine, direct dial telephone, computer (Internet), electronic mail, POS machines and other office equipment and necessary conditions.