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Joining support

Brand positioning:
Professional LED home lighting products supplier
Professional LED commercial lighting system solutions provider
Lighting application system integrated service provider
Application positioning:
LED indoor commercial lighting, LED indoor home lighting, traditional lighting products light environment applications
Agent process:
Commit / proof file, the applicant of qualification examination, business people to negotiate fieldwork, signed the authorized agency agreement ", obtain legal agency qualification, pay the deposit contract, issuing an authorization certificate and qualification of bronze, cooperation start < br > Note: submit / produce the following documents
1 show the annual registration certificate by the corporate business license and tax.
2. To provide the annual by the corporate business license and tax registration certificate copy, as well as the legal representative of the company ID card copy.
3 fill in and submit the "Di Po lighting lighting Limited by Share Ltd authorized agent application form".
Dealer's terms:
1, independent legal personality (general taxpayer), no illegal business records;
2, the company registered capital of 200 thousand yuan or more, there is a certain financial strength;
3, engaged in building materials, hardware, lighting, decoration industry, or in the field for many years the accumulation of operating precipitation;
4, with a fixed office space and product display area;
5, with a professional sales and technical service team;
6, the identification with company business model, is willing to do in the mainstream lighting market image display and terminal promotion;
Dealer distribution principle:
1, logistics business: the province or have a strong wholesale function of the location of the city is mainly responsible for the jurisdiction of the channel construction, management, service; a regional unit to set up 1;
2, dealers: as our within a certain area dealers of the products, within a certain radius around the store was awarded the brand access, enjoy our service brand support, renovation costs returns and sales rebate policy, by under the jurisdiction of regional logistics service providers to provide services; in principle in the same region 1, no longer set the 2 dealers;