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Alliance advantage

1, support services
A. Di Bao lighting to join the area and the first purchase price can be linked to the local regional manager;
B, regional manager in the store where the market to conduct market research and assist in the selection of stores;
C. design staff to track the entire store decoration design and provide professional guidance;
D. lighting, furniture and accessories for the lighting, furniture and accessories;
E. professional lighting installation personnel stationed in the shop to guide the installation;
F. regional manager in the store to provide professional lighting sales training services, and so on;
G. join in store decoration stage the manager and guide sent to headquarters for a period of one month comprehensive professional training, the franchisee only to bear the cost of training and accommodation and meals.
2, Di Bao lighting franchise
A, the franchisee within the scope of the agreement can be exercised by the headquarters of the franchise rights, including the authorization provided by the headquarters, brand image, management experience, marketing, etc.;
B, joining in the headquarters of the operating system and product development, production and other conditions have the right to know;
C, the franchisee has the right to the headquarters of the business staff is not responsible for the serious shortage, the impact of their own sales of personal negligence conduct complaints, and have the right to request a timely response;
D, the franchisees receive the goods if shortage, models do not match, the quality of the products, such as questions or objections have the right within 5 days will related documents to the customer complaint by fax to headquarters after-sales service department to be properly addressed.