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"Street lighting" to be reinvented

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■ Commercial Street transformed into features after 20 years of development, street lighting is now a strong business climate, has gathered thousands of lights are lighting shops and Times Square Lighting iconic super-stores, however, rapid economic development in the history of urban background, Guzhen Lighting Street facing space resources, traffic load, the constraints of environmental quality and other issues affecting the overall effectiveness of street lighting improved. 6 km in three phases engineered ■ ■ street reconstruction to respect the historic look of the entire planning

Planning to be careful and practical, balanced

program evaluation experts South China Institute of Technology, Professor of Urban Planning, Zhou Jianyun

Street lighting is on, external demand, domestic demand and even street lighting, between the store and the store needs are very different, how to clear the traffic management, proper place, needs to be more in-depth research. In environmental planning, such as paving, street furniture, leisure facilities, bus station kiosks, telephone booths, also need to clear the modern, simple style unified.

improve the quality and reputation lights are

Lighting Street Lighting City, general manager of business initiatives in areas Yong Qin
Lighting to create a higher grade to the main commercial street, you can highlight the lights are of the grade, to enhance the "China Lighting Capital" of the reputation and good taste have reputation to attract more customers before to sightseeing or business.
If you can put resources scattered shops and unifying Chinese and foreign investors can feel more professional, higher quality lighting Street feel and more features.