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Town next year, the year after Tim Tim to do light construction with Lighting Museum Exhibition

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Eighth China International Lighting Fair Guzhen on October 18 to October 23 in Guzhen Lighting Plaza. In Zhongshan City, China Association of Lighting, China International Trade Promotion Council of Light Industry Branch and other support and joint efforts of Chinese and foreign exhibitors, the last 6 days of light Fair successfully concluded on June 23. It is reported that the current lights Fair attracted a total of 129 countries and regions, customers to the Council, professional buyers 63,167, of which 57,392 were domestic; foreign 5775 people, 7.16% more than last year. Fair will be the eighth light "lighting capital of China" sign, the brighter the more friction.

Leadership Message

■ Wurun Fu (ancient town party secretary)

to the idea of an international phase of the light Fair accomplishing international-class professional lighting show to enhance the influence of light Fair brand to town to promote the development of industrial upgrading lighting.

future lighting industry, to focus on market competition, Guzhen Town Fair lighting industry brands have far-reaching significance. As the Preparatory Committee of GILF managers and staff, we should have three-dimensional thinking, responsive and professional standards of the lamp Fair more prominent, radiating more and strive to build a new pavilion after two years, to 10 second Light Fair leap of development has reached the level of world-class exhibition.

■ Suen Ming (ancient town mayor)

town in the future to foster lighting industry, machinery industry and the production of materials, and gradually the lights Fair from simple display lighting products to show the entire production chain products, including equipment, materials, extension and so on. Light Fair International class

enhance good lighting industry

■ form of innovation, a record number of booths

successful holding of the Seventh Light Fair has accumulated a wealth of experience in organizing exhibitions, this lamp Fair innovation on this basis. Marketing, taking into account European and American market remains depressed, in addition to the U.S. "Home", Italy "Italianing", "ACG", Ali Baba and other professional media to maintain cooperation, this new Dubai, "Gulf home decorating magazine," and Spain " Professional Lighting Magazine "cooperation, increase investment in South America, Brazil, the Middle East and other countries in the promotion and expand the light Fair's influence in these countries, this year's Expo exposed to light of the new buyers in the greater part of South America, Brazil, the Middle East and other countries of the dealer.

the town a number of professional organizations and domestic new build from a variety of marketing channels, greatly improving the ability of light sales Fair and attractive. Thus, while the financial crisis has not receded, the 8th Light Expo scheduled a record number of booths are the most ever. According to statistics, this year there were 600 exhibitors, 2156 booths set up. Among them, the city accounted for 76.2% of participating enterprises, accounting for 59.7% of the town, the town 16.5%; 16.7% outside the city in the province, accounting for 6.3% of the territory outside the province, outside the common Chinese Economic Association, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Ming to the Trade Development Co., Ltd., SAFETYQUICK LIGHT, REAL MAGICTECHNOLOGY (M) SDN.BHD other enterprises to the exhibition.

special equipment expo to 310 enterprises, 68.5% more than last year, an exhibition area of 10,728 square meters, the largest special booth area of 500 square meters. These special booth styles, to "a business a King," the effect, not only shows the company's brand image, enhance the overall grade of Fair lights.

■ Exhibition Company outside the United Nations for international class exhibition

through seventh light Fair, now the town has already evolved to become world famous lighting capital of China. However, unwilling to the status quo of the town people, the town is a world-lights their current highest goal. Therefore, beginning this year, the town official plan, 3.0 billion invested in the next three years for public facilities, to build international lighting capital prepared. The Eighth Lamp Fair, also integrated into the town into the world of ambition, and in the "international" word foot effort from top to bottom.

town town government and the Foreign Exhibition Shengnuo Wei partnership a first step towards this goal. Sheng Nuowei town of external exhibition companies become permanent lights Fair overseas services, which not only able to use their own resources and information superiority for the town lights Fair launched a full range of global markets and investment breeze promotion services, also improve the lighting capital of China's international reputation.

According to reports, the town full use of its advantages of e-commerce platform to integrate its global resources of more than 5,000 customers, for the town enterprises in the world, "warn that selling light", and expand development. Cooperation with the Shengnuo Wei town will actively guide the town lighting companies with global buyers to establish strategic cooperation, promote industrial upgrading lighting town, from the "lighting capital of China" to "lighting capital of the world" changes . The new business model

■ staged a "never ending" Light Fair

This year, the town presents a lot of preparatory work lights Fair highlights. In addition to the help of external exhibition companies in the global market, "warn that selling light", the town is also prosperous industrial companies with a strategic partnership to promote "procurement through prosperous Exhibition Center" located in town, to create a & ldquo ; never end, "the lights Fair.

the third floor exhibition hall this year, Expo will light 3D, 3G, 3H district planning as a prosperous entity exhibition center project through the procurement area for manufacturers to open up a new trade "highway"; the other hand, for procurement business effectively reduce business risk and procurement costs, thereby greatly enhancing operational efficiency.

■ blowing domestic lighting market "to pick up the wind"

and the town from the base into the global ambitions of China to the contrary, the transformation of the current direction of many lighting companies are withdrawing from the international market, the domestic market. Along with the two trillion of funds invested, the lighting industry driven by the huge domestic market to pick up speed much faster than the international market.

Guzhen Fair every year seventy-eight as buyers are domestic customers, for market changes and the actual needs of enterprises, the current light breeze Fair Organizing Committee to adjust ideas to attract more exhibitors focus on domestic market , also attracted a number of export enterprises turn the domestic market. Dongguan Taiwan Business Association to organize the financial crisis more than 10 large export-oriented Taiwanese enterprises in Dongguan town settled in the marketing platform. For many brands, in light expo exhibition has become a constant demand.

■ LED companies steal the show rewarding

Following the 2008 Olympics, LED lighting technology products are popular in the domestic market, and the town set off a new round of development boom. Bo at this light, LED industry has become the protagonist, a large number of LED production and distribution companies and products enter the venue, with the traditional lighting fixtures blooming bucket Korea. C, in the exhibition hall on the second floor

dedicated LED companies promising thousands of square meters to set the display area. The obvious difference with the previous years, the current industry trend of LED lights Fair hot. Compared to previous years, the current set of LED lights Fair display area to 1,400 square meters. A total of 72 exhibitors LED business registration, the booths in short supply. Hill Wood which showed Lighting Auman also won the large-scale LED booth. Cooperation with Sun Yat-sen town, "Town Terrace Road, LED lamp demonstration project," the official debut at Light Fair. This long road is only a total of 1.3 road use nearly 200 LED lights, the town put in nearly 400 million. The LED chip, design and control systems are in accordance with the standards of the world's latest design, is currently the world's most advanced.

■ lighting highlights the characteristics of activities and cultural charm In this light

Fair opening ceremony, a number of economic and trade arrangements and the signing ceremony of "Guangdong Provincial Copyright Industrial Demonstration Base" Award Ceremony, and further demonstrates the strength of town lighting industry.

During the exhibition, also organized a series of high-quality forums, seminars. One invitation to the "Italian Industrial Designers Society," President Dalia Gallico (Dara. Gai Linke) to participate in "The Second Sino-Italian Cooperation Forum and the lighting designer furniture industry to work together with the Forum," and the scene made & ldquo ; Italian lighting design development status and future direction of the world lighting market, "a keynote speech; prosperous procurement through the opening ceremony was held in 2009, China's lighting industry, wealth and capital forum, lighting, appliances and electromagnetic compatibility standard version CCC certificate Converter and abroad Certification lectures and other activities.

Light Fair highlights of these activities, "leading the trend to illuminate the world" theme, deepening the lighting culture, so that light Fair more attractive.

■ Fair Service prominent "people first"

a successful world-class event, in addition to excellent hardware, is more important is the need for good soft services. In order to achieve par Frankfurt and Hong Kong Lighting Fair's goal, this lamp Fair pay more attention to provide investors with personalized service. Continue to play a University of Electronic Science and Technology Town, Zhongshan University and the role of cooperation in business practice base in the Foreign Languages Department of the interview 89 students selected to participate in a good light Fair temporary work in various positions.

in commercial and residential areas, in addition to cooperation with the 114 hotel reservation, the town also provides hotel reservation services, light expo site, customers by invitation lights Fair, exhibitors or buyers card certificates and other relevant documents, priority according to price hotel.

transport, set up four flights a day from the town to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Express bus line luxury, so that exhibitors enjoy one-stop flight from ticket to seamless services.

addition to the services to do the work of the exhibition itself, the town authorities are also committed to the creation of good external environment, to clean, safe, stable social environment and the best image of the Fair to meet the current lights.