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Town lighting but significant increase in orders for the event "recruitment difficulties" embarrassing

Adddate:2016-7-28    Hits:2433
As the economy rebounds, many companies shift production to stabilize, the annual Fair is also the town lamp lighting industry to bring the season, a lot of business orders began to increase in labor demand is also beginning to increase, but a large number of companies have suffered "recruitment difficulties" embarrassment. Recently, a reporter went to Elliot Bay spontaneous labor market information. Recruitment Service Center in the back of this open space, full of recruiters and job seekers to apply for, but many companies say so hard job, a lighting company from Jiangmen, a recruiter, said the company added plants, labor demand increased, but not hire workers in Jiangmen, then move on to the town. Result in "labor shortage" is the direct cause of increased orders. For many "who have orders to move, no orders to stop," the small and medium enterprises, the order determines the number of labor. Orders picked up by the global financial crisis to the impact of these companies see hope, but also to businesses which did not surprise the labor reserve.