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Canton town: "Chinese lights are"to"lights are the world, "the gorgeous turn

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Aftermath of the financial crisis sweeping the globe is not retreat, "Convention and Exhibition" is showing the color of dark? Recently, with the Eighth China? Guzhen International Lighting Fair opened "red scarf", 600 exhibitors, 2156 booths, over 20,000 gathered from home and abroad, as well as the big day to 60 billion yuan orders, showed welcome upgrade lighting accessories industry turning point.

The source drive to enhance the development of Guzhen Lighting

By the financial crisis, "China Lighting Capital", Guzhen, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province is under attack, hidden lighting industry chain development of "chronic illness" gradually appeared: lack of innovation and R & D capabilities, labor-intensive processing enterprises accounted for mainstream, the lack of large-scale leading enterprises.
In 2008, the town the town's lighting plant has registered more than 6100 enterprises. Gathered around the town and more than 3,000 lighting accessories manufacturer, accounting for 70% of the total manufacturing town, forming a "upstream and downstream, production, supply," the industry cluster economy. The larger the town market transactions are very Huo lighting accessories. According to industry estimates, annual turnover of town accessories may exceed 200 billion yuan, accounting for Lighting the 4 percent of total turnover.
However, the town of scattered development of the market of professional accessories, and businessmen stationed threshold is too low, so that light with market development there are some unhealthy factors, which restricts the light distribution industry. Among them, some light with market regulators in place, so that some private owners see the benefit to be made to arbitrarily change the lease contract, and some light with excellent business or sector seq charge, often playing bad "price war" induced decline in product quality and market disorder. Therefore, the old lamp with the rapid development of the market has been gradually lighting suited to the development of industrial clusters needs to be fully upgraded.
Currently, two hands in the market and government regulation, the town with light industry has ushered in a turning point of the upgrade, from accessories to enhance lighting quality, so as to enhance the international influence of lights.
2009 is the construction of the market town with light, "the first year." City lights are lighting accessories in China and other large lamp with market building are nearing completion and will shortly be put into use. In addition, the town is planning construction of four "new generation" light with the city. Present, including old and new markets, the market town of lighting accessories for more than 10, the number of old and new stores will be more than 4000, the market competition, the pattern of lights with the market in the next two years changed dramatically.
"New generation" light from the overall planning with the market, barriers to entry, product quality control, logistics and freight market in areas such as strict control, the scattered chaos and non-target products in new markets outside the refusal to create "full , fine, beautiful "lighting brand, and promote town from the" Chinese lights are "to the" world lights are "turned around, and in the" Industrial Park, the formation of adaptive technology enterprise group, technology incubators have begun to take scale "of the goal, and strive to become" the world lighting industry center. "

The Government intends to do with developing and promoting lamps light industrial upgrading

To the whole town, to create an industry and can obtain a high market share, which is also rare in the country. Experience of town caused the country's attention. Introduced at the end of last year, "Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta Plan", the explicit proposal to create "Zhongshan Lighting" This has the international influence of regional brands, bigger and stronger industry cluster. The town is the "Zhongshan Lighting" industrial core. Currently, the town is to "outline" as a guide to consolidate the lighting capital of China, to build international lighting capital as a strategic goal, with full and good policies to enhance the town lighting industry cluster innovation, bigger and stronger & ldquo ; town lighting "industry brand, and strive to promote the" Zhongshan Lighting "into the international and regional brands.
Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting from lighting to change the brand in the region, significantly weakening the town lighting brand in the market appeal. The turmoil in the financial leap forward this transformation, and as soon as possible to overcome the lack of innovation and R & D capabilities have long been a "chronic illness", the difficulty is self-evident. This town is not worried. Guzhen Town party secretary Wu Runfu that the current town lighting industry output value accounted for only 50% of the country about lighting, lighting lighting industry in the world, only 30% of the output value. If the town can really promote the town next to Zhongshan lighting lighting changes, when the market share will also be greatly improved, which for the future development of Zhongshan has great benefits.
"Of course, after the town achieve such a change must address the question: how to extend the industry's expansion to maintain the status of leader? Our plan is to change the development model town, the town built a highly centralized business and R & D center. "Wurun Fu said.
Now, in the town government office area behind the R & D base and business incubators are hot under construction, is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival next year. This town will also focus on building the lighting industry associated with the four service platform, including integrated logistics platform, technical evaluation platform for R & D, intellectual property rights protection platform and lighting quality testing platform. To help enterprises bigger and stronger lighting, the ancient town is also proposed that strive to 5 years to make the town of listed companies up to 4 ~ 5.

Town lighting "Baotuan" Breakthrough internal and external market

Financial crisis, the international consumer market is shrinking, while the domestic market more competitive, "the Baotuan" way to break out into town to go out the main form of lighting. Lighting Industry Association, Zhongshan District, Tak-sing Secretary-General said that the current lighting industry is the traditional model of successful marketing experience to deepen.
"European and American markets, though still in the doldrums, but the new international buyers are emerging. Light Fair this year, new buyers come into contact with the larger part from South America, Brazil, the Middle East. "Guzhen Town, concentrating on industry, Weihong Rui, deputy mayor told reporters. Official announcement on the opening day, from more than 100 countries and regions, professional buyers to come to light Fair to discuss the procurement.
Compared with the international market, domestic market situation is more complex, more need to "Bao Tuan" breakthrough. The transformation of the current direction of many lighting companies mostly withdrew from the international market, the domestic market. "Obviously, the domestic market to pick up faster! Better to do than domestic export, companies make money mainly depends on the domestic market. "China Lighting Top 100 Enterprises" Little White Dragon ", a sales manager for that.
Now, after 10 years of development, the town created the lighting industry with a complete market network, lighting the output value of 2 billion yuan from 10 years ago now jumped to 200 million. Ten lights Street, Fair, improve logistics, lighting square, with the cooperation of the network platform Alibaba ... ... town is entering a new round of industrial restructuring and upgrading.