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Zhongshan Lighting propelled into the international market

Adddate:2016-7-28    Hits:2114

Zhongshan propelled into the international market
Lighting news correspondent Blue Fang Liang Tang Qian; recently, Zhongshan and Shengnuo Wei Foreign Exhibition Co., Ltd. to implement strategic cooperation. Sheng Nuowei 8th light as a strategic partner Fair, will use its wealth of international resources for the town in the lighting industry, brand awareness, attract international buyers for the lights Fair to assist town lighting industrial upgrading, training Local business leaders and industry decision-makers in the international perspective, the long-term cooperation in four major aspects.

According to reports, Sheng Nuowei many professional exhibition with overseas institutions to establish cooperative relations will be known by the major European network of media and print media marketing campaign, Guzhen Fair, and with Italy Industrial Designers Society of lighting design center established in the town to enhance the town lighting capability of independent innovation of enterprises and artistic standards, will also organize a town different walks of life to participate in the authority of the global lighting elite Summit, assisted or represented by town businesses and Light Fair provide overseas exhibition booth, so that local entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the rules of the international market.