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Innovation is imperative to seek China's lighting capital and upgrade

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The arrival of the financial crisis, the real estate industry be hit, Zhongshan, the lighting industry and therefore suffered no small impact. Accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading and innovation to enhance their competitiveness imperative.

the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games last year, magnificent, colorful "Red China" has shocked the global audience of millions. The amazing colors of the whole world, that is, companies from Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Group Lighting provides LED (semiconductor lighting technology) light. In this performance, the audience is not only an insight into the "China Lighting Capital" - the new light source, Zhongshan strong technical strength, but also a reflection of the "China Lighting Capital" quietly between the changes.

Lighting industrial upgrading innovation imperative

in the Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan's economy is very unique industry cluster. In 2007, Zhongshan city's total industrial output value of the cluster more than 70% of industrial output.

many industrial clusters in Zhongshan, the lighting industry is a major traditional industries, Zhongshan, and therefore known as "China Lighting Capital." The lighting industry, the most ancient town of agglomeration, the local businesses in and lighting up on more than 5,000 employees in more than 10 million people, up to 160 billion yuan industrial scale.

However, lighting, lighting products, manufacturing, labor-intensive industries in the past, technological content and added value is not high, upgrading of industrial clusters is very urgent. Zhongshan Municipal Committee, mayor of Red Nicholls told reporters: "Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, the only innovation and upgrading industrial clusters pilot city. Administrative town of the original layout of industrial clusters has been difficult to support a large industry with a long value chain, characteristic of industrialization. Innovation cluster as the leading lighting upgrade 'pilot' areas, town lighting industry must improve the brand from a chain reaction, technology alliances, regional brand, industry support center, distribution center and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrading of innovation to become more influential and competitiveness of the industrial core area. "

"the arrival of the financial crisis, the real estate affected much, the town's lighting also suffered no small impact, accelerate innovation and to upgrade and enhance their competitiveness imperative. "Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Weihong Rui, vice mayor said.

Just at this point, LED light source as a new one into the "China Lighting Capital" vision. "LED technology known as following the fire and incandescent lighting after the third revolution, and its products are energy saving, environmental protection, long life, low maintenance costs and safety and other significant characteristics, market size growth of over one hundred billion yuan annually in recent years. The LED industry as the most promising of the century high-tech areas. "Zhongshan Municipal Information Industry Bureau, the official told reporters.

saving and environmental protection as countries of the importance, some governments began to ban incandescent. "The EU will ban incandescent next year. Now look, the incandescent lamp market will become narrower and narrower. Future market of lighting products is the traditional energy-saving lamps and LED products, LED products, although expensive than the former price should be several times, but its energy saving features unmatched by other artificial light sources. "Deputy Secretary for Science and Technology, Zhongshan Dong was said.

is worth noting that the LED lights currently on the market price is about 30% per year decline in the proportion. "A few years later, when the price of LED products, with the price of energy-saving lamps or less, will compete with established between the two contracting. There is no doubt a few years, LED lighting products will become the mainstream lighting market. "Dong was considered.

It is understood Zhongshan LED industry already has a foundation. According to incomplete statistics, in 2008, the city's LED industry output value reached 50 billion yuan, industry trend growth momentum. "Our LED lighting products have accounted for two or three products, annual sales growth rate has reached 15%, the future prospects are very impressive. "Huayi Lighting Group Brand Director Fan Fengyuan told reporters.

"Lighting businesses are now very active in the introduction of LED technology, because we all want to win the future. Zhongshan Lighting occupied since the country's production and sales 六成, Zhongshan LED industry, the development potential can imagine. It can be said, LED lighting upgrade sake of Zhongshan, and Zhongshan, a growing LED lighting will also give the big stage. "Red said Nicholls.

common technology platform for enterprises to build

"Zhongshan lighting a brand, the market is the most capable of developing LED industry. "Dong was said. However, the characteristics of Zhongshan industry medium and small enterprises, technology, quality constraints of the whole industry.

"We want to use technology innovation will feature industry grow, Zhongshan municipal levels of government is to lead the way industrial upgrading 'to establish common technology platform'. "Dong was said. Such as the Productivity Promotion Center, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Xiaolan Town Government is to promote technological innovation and the development of regional economy and the formation of technology service platform for SMEs in Siu Lam to provide technical, personnel, information, capital and other services. Recently, Xiaolan Town, to promote the LED industry, has invested 500 million yuan, the introduction of LED product testing equipment.

"make an inappropriate analogy, technology platforms like the Rolls-Royce cars in general is difficult to have small and medium enterprises, but by 'common technology platform', SMEs can also be shared. The future development of enterprises, and think this thing is good, you can own. "Dong was said. The application of the current LED is not very mature, technology, investment in basic R & D is very large, is still in the "money-burning" phase, the Government's support and guidance is very important.

It is understood that in order to promote the development of LED industry, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, specifically the Information Industry Department to apply the "Guangdong High-tech application of new source base", there have been agreed. Zhongshan advantage of the future will rely on the lighting industry, to strengthen the introduction, digestion, absorption, re-innovation and enhance the development of LED lighting products, production capacity, and promote the results of new research projects and light industrial.

Red Nicholls said the Zhongshan municipal government is working on integration of LED related industries concentrated in the town, cross bar, Siu Lam, Fu-four town boards the resources industry with the formation of an LED, and the introduction of a comprehensive planning program, the enterprise expansion funds needed for the land to give policy support, the goal is to create a new source of world-class base. Meanwhile, the Zhongshan municipal government also plans to introduce policies to cultivate a few key LED business, within 5 years to assist one or two companies listed, 5 to 6 years can be expected to cultivate a number of leading enterprises. One of the largest lighting company Zhongshan Huayi Group has completed the pre-listed on the final preparations.

to "application" as the focus

"We have developed LED industry, and not only to upgrade the traditional lighting industry. "Red said Nicholls, LED technology itself has a very large potential for commercial development, the key is how to apply the good of this technology, root out its commercial value, sought after by the market to develop more products.

It is understood, LED according to the process can be divided into upper, middle and lower reaches and the application of four stages, upstream epitaxy (extension) and substrates manufacturing production, midstream for the LED die manufacturing, compared to LED products downstream packaging and testing. The technology used in the application level sucked full color LED display, outdoor lighting, decorative lighting, light, infrared transmission, and other products.

Currently, LED most of the upstream core technology patents held by Nichia Chemical of Japan, the United States and other international Cree "five giants" hands. LED is also actively developing our core technology, mainly in Wuhan, Shenzhen and other scientific research and technology is strong in the cities.

Red Nicholls told the author, Zhongshan planning in the development of LED industry, the current focus is not over-ambitious to develop core technology research and development goals. "Our idea is to highlight the 'Apply' word, focus on the development application of LED technology. This well, naturally and gradually attracted the development of the upstream companies to Zhongshan and continuously improve all aspects of the industry chain. "

Dong said before, Zhongshan biggest advantage is that LED chip package and market capacity, should be actively developed application technology, by reducing the use of cost to promote the development of this industry. "Highlight the 'application' is a combination of actual and advantages of Zhongshan, but the longer term, we are actively consult with the international LED technology giant, is expected to make two or three of them settled in Zhongshan. By then, Zhongshan complete industrial chain to become a. "Dong was said.

seize the commanding heights of the standard

Although there Zhongshan in the development of LED based lighting industry as the basis, a "new light source in Guangdong Province High-tech application base," the gold standard, as well as the government's active promotion, but the outer region has been intense competition between the ceaseless . The face of raging industrial upgrading opportunities, many places have set up a LED Industrial Technology Alliance, to support the local LED industries.

"LED is a high-tech, home and abroad still no uniform technical standards, the industry still exist some cut-throat competition and chaos, affecting the healthy development of the industry. "Dong was said. In response to this situation, Zhongshan City, led by Science and Technology Bureau to establish the "LED Industrial Technology Alliance, Zhongshan City," and on June 24 this year, was formally established in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, this is the first industry technology alliance.

the end of April this year, Zhongshan City, LED Technology Bureau issued a written proposal to join Alliance. Alliance will be a simple package, application-based research into the chip, including the development of LED lighting technology, industry standards. According to Mayor Peng Zhihui

Xiaolan introduced, the Alliance's core mission is: "to promote the technological progress of semiconductor lighting and industry as the objective, the establishment of upstream and downstream, production and research information, intellectual property and other resource-sharing mechanisms, the establishment channel of communication with the government and personnel training, international cooperation platform to promote standards, assessment, quality inspection system to establish and promote the development of the member units of their own to enhance the semiconductor lighting industry's overall competitiveness. "

"We build the alliance one hand, in order to integrate resources, LED enterprises are mostly small and medium-weak anti-risk capability, the alliance so that they can Baotuan combat, no longer go it alone. On the other hand, we have the advantage of LED applications, a development of product standards and engineering standards of the voice. We hope to develop their own technical standards, to seize the commanding heights of LED development. You can also restrict cut-throat competition of enterprises to enter the key support to those strong focus on LED and business purposes. "Dong was said.

the interview, I learned that last year, Zhongshan lighting companies began to actively participate in the National Standardization Committee on LED Lighting in the revision and formulation of relevant standards, including LED "big application" lighting, Guzhen Town, there are five companies to participate the standards. ETO town official told the author, involved in the development of standards, not only the affirmation of the town business, leaving town in the optimization and upgrading of lighting the critical period, to grasp the technology initiative. Township enterprises are involved in the government a certain amount of subsidies, a form of encouragement.