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Energy saving lamps specification does not appeal to consumers save money recycling

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Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission recently announced that China will this year for the country to promote energy-saving lamps, sold in the market the past 10 yuan an energy-saving lamps in the future according to their ID card as long as people spend a dollar to can receive.

the livelihood projects for many consumers to see the dawn of energy-saving: The financial subsidies, to promote energy-saving lamps, on the one hand, the purchase price affordable to the people and attract people to buy; another aspects will also be a certain size, strength enterprise introduced to the people, raise people's awareness of energy-saving lamps ability to indirectly serve the elimination of small manufacturers, clean up the market's role, but there are some consumers that their concerns.

whether saving money

some consumers said that based on past experience, the Government subsidize the purchase of energy-saving lamps, in addition to produce their identity cards, should also fill in your name, address and telephone number. Due to the limited number of provisions in some places but also the purchase of each ID card no more than how many. So, a limited number of energy-saving lamps for the entire market is undoubtedly demand exceeds supply, which means residents need to buy from the market.

the data show that the entire society of lighting electricity consumption of 12% or more, if we replace all existing incandescent lights for energy, China's annual electricity savings will reach 600 billion kWh, close to a generating capacity of the Three Gorges Project of the year.

the data show that the use of energy-saving lamps in China there is still much room for development. However, the current prevalence of energy-saving lamp product quality varied market conditions, affecting consumer buying enthusiasm.

Mr. Mao was in charge of a barber shop, store renovation, he bought from the supermarket more than 40 energy-saving lamps. Months passed, then one by one energy-saving lamps broken. For several groups over the years, a fine afterwards, not only does not save money, and have actually bought lights take a lot of money into.

"previously used other brands of energy saving lamps, while saving power, but because of short lamp life, from an economic point of view and not worthwhile. "Wenzhou reflected to the media, said Mr Yip, one in the supermarket shopping, and trendy electronic energy saving lamp caught his interest because of the positive product packaging prominently marked" 8 years of life "message. Although its price is 33 yuan, but Yip think it more competitive than similar products. Home, Yip found positive with a larger font packaging significantly marked the life of 8 years, while the inside is packed with obscure small print reads: "to count 2.7 hours per day, life of up to 8 years. "

should be said that, after years of publicity and promotion, energy-saving lamp has received widespread consumer recognition. However, some energy-saving lamps although cheap, but the quality is not guaranteed, easy to damage, resulting in a number of energy-saving lamps used by the residents of low-quality energy-saving lamp power that does not save money. Reflect some consumers, while the country to promote energy-saving lamps into the home, while the low passing rate is energy-saving lamps, especially in the rural market.

March of this year, Shenyang City Consumers Association part of the Shenyang distribution of goods carried out energy-saving lamps trials. Comparison test to participate in the 20 energy-saving lamps samples by CASE staff to ordinary consumers who, in the local part of the supermarket, professional lighting market were purchased, origin involved in Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places of 20 companies. Upon examination, energy saving lamps only 50% pass rate. Not long ago, random energy-saving lamps in Guangdong Province, only one percent over qualified; Shanxi Province's latest inspection report showed energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamps on the market the province passing rate of just half.

recovery is still blank

energy-saving lamps broken, the mercury will be out of its internal, such as improper handling a huge impact on the environment. 1 mg of mercury dipped underground, will cause approximately 360 tons of water pollution. If you do not be recycled in a timely manner to an energy-saving lamp tubes containing 0.5 mg of mercury calculated the average, about 180 tons of water will cause serious mercury pollution. According to statistics, China's energy-saving lamps recovery of less than 1%.

starting in 2008, our country through financial subsidies to promote efficient energy-saving lamps, as of now, there are already 62 million energy-saving lamps at low prices into the market. Well, this 62 million energy-saving light scrapping will go from here? And, as part of the market but the quality of energy-saving lights off, many residents of the waste accumulated on the home made energy-saving lamps worry.

Betty said, since the use of energy saving lamps since the house has changed nearly 20 lights, and waste energy-saving lamps stacked in storage space, but also worried about mercury contamination within the tube, and finally had to throw in Community waste battery recycling boxes.

Beijing House had said the mall's sales staff, and now few are willing to recycle waste energy-saving lamps. Low market prices as mercury, recycling costs are high, with light bulbs not ship, so some scrap yards do not want to buy energy-saving lamps discarded.

issued by the State directory of new hazardous waste regulations, the residents abandoned the use of the energy-saving lamps is not hazardous waste, so there is no corresponding recovery of channels. Many consumers appeal to the relevant departments as soon as possible to establish collection points for waste energy-saving lamps.

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many countries and regions to promote action on the energy-saving lamps. March 1, 2009, Ireland will be the first to become the world's first countries prohibit the use of incandescent bulbs. All the shops in the country have stopped selling this century-old lighting technology products. At 20:30 on March 28th, 2009 to 9:30, 62 countries and regions, 74 cities have lights for one hour to raise public awareness of environmental protection. Japan by 2012, the country gradually phasing out the use of incandescent, promote the use of energy-saving lamps, which can reduce about 200 million tons per year of carbon dioxide emissions.

in China Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, has taken the lead advocate in public facilities, streets, etc. to use energy-saving lamps for lighting at night. According to statistics, if the country's outdoor landscape lights (about 600 million kilowatts) in the period between midnight and extinguished in time, then the savings of 8.8 billion kwh per year, corresponding to 8.46 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.